Everything to brew Kombucha Tea, delivered to your door every month!

Brew and enjoy the yummy fizzy health drink with our hand-curated, fair trade premium ingredients in eco-friendly containers.

Easy to order

Getting the box is just three clicks away.

Always on time

We ship on the 1st weekend of every month via FedEx.

Fits any budget

Opt in for more so you can brew more for you or your friends.

Be a healthier you

Our tried and tested recipes will produce a 2-wk supply of the delicious probiotic.

About HOWLinfuse Kombucha Tea.


What Actually Is Kombucha?

The first kombucha recipes date back 2,000 years ago. Homebrewers then and now use a symbiotic culture (SCOBY) to ferment tea with fruit to make a sugarless fizzy alternative to soda, beer, and juice.

I've never brewed anything... do I need anything?

You do not need to have any fancy equipment nor any experience in homebrewing. You should have a pot or kettle to steep our ingredients in. Our recipes are foolproof.

What all comes in the box

You'll first have a super easy recipe for a half gallon of kombucha. You'll also have a jar, cloth and band, a mother culture (SCOBY), a blend of sourced tea leaves, and locally dried fruit.

Why can't I do this myself using stuff in my pantry?

Choosing to brew with fair trade tea leaves and premium ingredients is a choice for conscious individuals. You'll taste the difference and your body will thank you more.

Can you gift and ship this anonymously?

Yes, give the gift of homebrewing! We have an option to prepay months in advance so you can have a lucky gift recipient brewing stress free

How do I get Started?

Tap any "get started" button to customize your preference.

How It Works

1. Set your preferences

Choose between a box that can produce a two or four week supply.

2. We curate and ship your box

With creative recipes, we source organic dried fruits and fair-trade organic tea leaves to your door.

3. Enjoy 64 fl oz of delicous Kombucha Tea

 Brew a batch and enjoy it for weeks while rebrewing another from a different hand-curated recipe 

What's inside the box?

FDA Fermention Tank and Cloth Covers

Fair Trade Black and Green Tea Leaves

A Unique Monthly Choice Of Organic Dried Fruits

An Exclusive and New Recipe Each Month

Healthy SCOBY for Fermenting

Premeasured Imported Hawaiian Turbinado Sugar for Fermentation

One main glass container and two eco-friendly bottles.


What people say about HOWLinfuse Kombucha Tea

・゜・:* ✧ boxy is lit fam  ✧*:・゜・ 

Anh V. - Minneapolis, MN

It was so fun to brew with my girls! Now my daughters look forward to brewing it every month. 

Shannon C. - Minneapolis, MN

I was hesitant at first, but on the day I first tried Kombucha, I just KNEW I had to share this with my friends.

Jake G.K. - Minneapolis, MN